The Benefits of Event Photography

Corporate events, fundraisers and other gatherings require a lot of planning, preparation and all-around work. With so many moving parts, it’s understandable any particular one often overlooked detail is acquiring a photographer to fully capture images of the happening as it unfolds. However the great things about having this collection of photographs make it one of the most important factors of the complete event.

Normally, these corporate event photography will have prominent guests, business men & women, politicians, community leaders, special guests, basically a pretty big band of some very important people that normally aren’t in the same place at the same time. Therefore, wouldn’t you agree it’s important to own professional photos of the special guests? Let’s have a closer look at events and how hiring a professional will benefit you greatly.

Events bring in regards to a unique collection of individuals and happenings in one venue:

Prominent guests

Speakers & Workshops

Showcases & Reveals

Unique happenings, such as ribbon cuttings or awards / exciting things

Guests are dressed more formally

A whole lot of moving parts, lots of things happen, often rapidly

Often things happen in support of a select few are on hand to witness

Sharing these occasions (or perhaps a different perspective on as soon as) later inform the ones that missed it and reinforce the significance to everyone.

Anthony Johnson Event Photography / SCORE AUSTIN, awards
There are so many uses for professional-quality images of your event. Based on your organization and the kind of the event, you may use photographs to:

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Media relations – a high-quality image (or several) will make your news release more appealing using media situations

Marketing, personal branding

Internal uses like brochures, reports or emails.

Photographs increase viewership and retention of a note in practically all marketing platforms

Looking ahead to another event (say, for an twelve-monthly event) or even to promote similar scheduled happenings, original photography demonstrates first-hand exact reasons to attend

General promotion showing that the business is active

Show those who weren’t in a position to be there what they missed

Sending someone out to grab snapshots

Professionally photographed & edited

These days, almost everyone has a camera available constantly on their smartphones. That may be convenient in a pinch, but it’s an unhealthy solution if you wish good results. Below are a few of the things photographers are more-suited to do than someone who’s just grabbing some snap shots:

The photographer has only one task – get great photos. They are not there to socialize or otherwise be a part of the event

Knowledge + better equipment = greater results

Training & Experience / Knowing what things to look for

Timing that moment so no person is blinking or eating or making a weird face

Framing the photo, elements of design and creativity

Anticipating human behavior – the speaker is likely to pause or smile in *this* particular moment

Getting a creative eye

Capturing interesting and engaging occasions that compel visitors to want to look at the photographs

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Life is imperfect, so the ability to clean up a *nearly* great shot in Photoshop or Lightroom can bring about something with tremendous impact that perhaps could have had to be overlooked due to a flaw in the composition

No camera’s white balance is ideal. Color correction and lighting correction tend to be overlooked in photos, but once a photography is corrected the difference between your original and edited is all the time (In a good way, bright happy and clear)

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